What do I aim to capture?

Photography is more than just an image captured. To me, it's a moment in life that encompasses all our senses, all our thoughts, and all our emotions. A moment, which, when you look back at it, you will again feel that wind as it blew through your hair, the heat of the sun as it shone on your back, the yummy taste of the rain as it landed on your tongue, and all the utter romance and beautiful love you felt for him, for her, yourself or your family. 

So, I aspire to capture a moment.

How to get the most out of my session? 

HAVE FUN. Be beautiful, be raw, be intimate. Be quirky, be playful, be genuine. Be ready to run, dance, twirl and laugh out loud. Go barefeet, dip your toes into the ocean and cuddle in the sand.

Don’t worry about where your hair is! Don’t worry if your smile is right! Laugh and your smile will come out. Move where your heart takes you and I promise you, your hair will look beautiful.

Let go and relive a memory, or create a new one – because that’s when the magic begins. 

What should I wear?

Let me start by saying you should wear what you feel best in. Wear what makes you, you. There’s no need to go shopping for new outfits.

But for those who are still wandering in the wardrobe department, one guide would be to stick with soft pastels or earthy tones. Various texture in clothing often photograph well (i.e. knits, jeans, leather or just even layering your clothes). Bring anything else that might make you feel extra special and may add dimension to your outfit - like a hat, a scarf or wear some interesting jewelry.

Still not sure? Let’s connect and I’ll send you a Pinterest board to give you even more ideas.

Other tips

  • Always bring a snack for the little ones. Kids always get hungry before, during or after the session. Don’t forget some tissue to wipe their little hands and faces afterwards too.
  • Bringing a small toy for younger kids always help to bring out a smile.
  • Bring mosquito spray for you and your family if we’re outside and it’s bug season.
  • Feel free to use sunblock but keep in mind it may cause a white cast on the skin even if you’ve lotion’d it up well.
  • If you plan to dip your toes in the ocean (see above post: How to get the most out of my session?), bring an extra pair of sandals and some towels for yourself.
  • If you want to bring extra props, blankets are the first item I always suggest. Have more prop ideas? Sure, why not!
  • If you have any special plans (i.e. a surprise announcement, a proposal, etc.), please connect with me in advance.

Still have more questions?

Let's connect