Hello, I'm Hayley Ng.

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, currently living my life in Vancouver, B.C., and hoping to become a retired snowbird in Phoenix, Arizona because amazing sunsets live there.

I’m a physiotherapist by occupation and my passion for human anatomy was probably what drove my interest in portrait photography. Photographing love in motion is my joy. But my happy place is always with my family.

I’m married to probably the most optimistic and kind guy on the planet. He has an infinite amount of space in his brain for random facts that will either make your jaw drop in amazement or roll your eyes in envy (…only speaking from experience). He’s my IT guy when my phone isn’t working, my Lightroom crashes and he saves the day when I’m sitting in the corner grasping onto my computer and telling it to work, dammit! Did I mention he introduced me to photography? Yup. Maybe you’ll meet him.

Together we have two four-legged kids – Zeus and Zola. They are humans in dog’s clothing. One is sensitive and emotional and the other is happy-go-lucky and doesn’t have a clue. Then along came my mini-me, except she’s sassier and spunkier than I am. She’s my boss baby and I wear my mom badge proudly.

I’ve always been an old soul who loves travel and adventure. I’m curious about all sorts of things artistic and science-based. Some say I’ve got too many interests and some say I may be a jack of all trades. I just know I don’t have enough time in a day! I used to believe nothing is impossible…but my now 2-year-old is putting that theory to the test!

For me, photography has helped me to slow down and see things I normally would dismiss and ENJOY my life IN FRONT of me rather than behind me or even too far beyond me (I mean, you can’t see what you can’t see, right?). Being behind the lens has taught me to let go and let whatever it is to unfold in its glory or be witness to its beautiful mess.



“Hayley was absolutely phenomenal- in person she was kind, sweet and efficient. Leading up to our shoot she was communicated phenomenally and took into consideration our then 8 month old’s sleep schedule and what would best for us. I typically dread having pictures taken, but my husband and I both agreed this was the highlight of our vacation. She also sent our pictures very quickly, and I love, love, love each and every one. Hayley’s style of photography was just what I was looking for and they are stunning”